Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dirt Cheap, My New Phone and Great Aunt Inez

So while we were in the great Mississippi Gulf Coast a cousin decided we should take a trip to the Dirt Cheap store, and there are several in the area. I admit I was curious after hearing her deals and steals. Basically this place buys seasonal and discontinued merchandise from retailers such as the big Bull's Eye Store. The items are new but there is much digging and searching required to really find the "best" deals.

 Well, the name says it all right? I can appreciate the sign, but why use a farm theme to represent the idea of super cheap items?I think a picture of our Senators should be up there! LOL
 Yes, there were dressing rooms with barn looking doors....or maybe these were supposed to be stalls? I actually could use these here for real animals!
 You can see shelves crammed with items for low prices, some were 90% off retail which is a great deal no matter how you look at it!
 The Halloween items were intriguing. Here is a marshmallow head in a jar. YUMMY! I did not spend $3 on it, but I am sure the kids would have loved it.
 I DID buy this wooden kitchen play set for 50% off. The box had never been opened and it was what I had been looking for the last few weeks. Since there is not an IKEA close by I thought this would be perfect. Turns out that the little kids love, love, love it and it has helped us with school lessons this week to have the little ones occupied.
I also got Zeb some overalls for $2 and 3 packs of birthday wrapping paper for .25 each. Now all I have to do is not lose the paper, as I am famous for misplacing those types of things.

Within a couple of blocks from our rental house there was a splash pad playground. The kids enjoyed it, especially Zeb.

 This water contraption was too tempting for Devin so he grabbed me and held me under the water fall....TWICE! He was very happy, as I was in all clothes, and the children laughed too. My phone, however glitches now so I am demanding a new one this fall. Okay, maybe it was glitchy BEFORE the water assault, but I will milk it for all I can.

Aunt Inez is a HUGE reason we love to visit the Gulf Coast. She is 97 this month and the one sibling left out of 11. My grandma died a year ago May and left Inez the sole survivor.

This is me and Aunt Inez with my mom and Aunt Bev. We enjoyed visiting her so much this year. Fact: When Aunt Inez was born 97 years ago she was born pre-maturely. She was a "7 month" baby and weighed just over 3 and 1/2 pounds. Her grandmother put her in a  shoebox to sleep. Amazing that she survived! She is amazing all around and I hope and pray I am as lucid and sharp minded as her when I am her age.


Our beach house rental had some really nice trees and a relaxing front porch.

 Live oaks are the best climbing trees and my mom and I urged Journee to climb it high! Many of these beautiful trees were destroyed by Katrina but the surviving ones are SLOWLY growing again.
 My mom's dog Dolly spent many hours treeing squirrels and hoping some would fall from a tree.
Fletcher is still teething but enjoyed the wet breezy air on the porch as much as I did.

You know I live here in the Bible Belt. I know this because when you meet people they immediately ask you where you attend church AND you see signs in front of churches such as this one we down in Alabama.

 That sign cracks me up! Makes you want to attend Sunday worship there, doesn't it?   NOT!!!!!
This week has been busy with school and un packing and trying to get our routine back in shape. It has cooled down a bit too so I am making Potato Soup tomorrow and electing Indiana to make an Oatmeal cake for dessert. I just might share the family recipe too!
Here's hoping your Friday is a groovy one!


  1. Looks like y'all had a great trip! That store looks fun...I am sucker for a sale!!

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