Friday, September 30, 2011

A is for Apple, B is for Bushel

and C is for CRAZY, CRAZY Week!

 Apples are in big time right now so I did what any woman with a ton of kids  little spare time would do. I bought 2 bushels.
 Who can resist fresh apple sauce and apple pie? Anyone???? Didn't think so.
 I made it easier on myself by freezing the applesauce versus canning it all. Yeah, it was much easier and it thaws out great.
 The pies? Well I made 8 of them and baked one right away. The others are wrapped with plastic wrap and then foil and tucked deep into my freezer for a cold winter day when we are craving the goodness but have little time for the work.
 If you pass one over to a friend or neighbor as a gift, they will call you one day expressing their love for you and the apple pie that made their Sunday dinner complete. Trust me!
 Here's my secret recipe:
Apple Pie
1 pie crust
6 apples peeled and sliced
1/2 TB apple pie spice (use cinnamon if you do not want to buy any)
1 C sugar, divided
1/2 C flour, divided
1/4 C butter, softened

Put your crust in pie dish and crimp those sides down. Place apples in bowl and mix in 1/2 C sugar, the apple pie spice, and 2 TB flour. Stir them all up together and place in pie crust. In separate bowl combine butter and remaining sugar and flour with a fork until crumbly. Sprinkle this on top of apples.  Place pie in paper bag to cook. (you can use those ice cream bags at the freezer section of the store). Roll the end of the bag so it is closed and bake pie IN THE BAG at 375 for about an hour. Carefully remove from oven and then from bag. Allow to cool some before digging in with  a fork. You might even put a slice on a plate with some ice cream a la mode!
You can wrap the un-baked pie with foil and freeze up to 3 months. Allow to thaw slightly before baking.

In other happenings, Zeb has been quite the little boy this week.
I noticed he was carrying around his sister's lip glosses all day. I asked him why and he said "my flies."

Apparently those lip gloss containers make great bug holders, as Zeb put flies in them and smooshed them to the bottom. Nice.

Last night I was trying to get out the door to attend a hand embroidery class when the little man smashed his finger in the front door.

I will spare the ugly picture and just say that we are ever so thankful his daddy was working in the ER so he could get his finger stitched up quickly. I am afraid to guess what the weekend has in store:-)

My big girls are sleeping at a cousins house tonight so after I drove them to her house I headed back with only my youngest 5.
Let's see....... crazy week, fussy baby, fewer kids, and long drive home can only mean one thing for this tired mamma!

Fast food for dinner! Yep, the dinner of champions! You know what this wheat grinding, bread baking, make it from scratch woman thinks about it?

Thank goodness we have the option to drive through every now and then. saved me from a couple of gray hairs tonight! It also gives me a wee bit more free time to do things like sew...

I put together a couple quick table runners from a charm pack I bought at the quilt store. I might be in love with this quilt pattern now. It's very versatile. Oh, and the class lastnight? I made it for the last hour and was thrilled. I can now hand embroider.
Well, I have the confidence to try, so I am starting a kitchen towel tonight. I have, in fact, several projects going at once. It is a wee it distracting at times, but at other times it gives me the freedom to move from one project to the next and not get bored. (I can justify it many ways:-)

Gosh, you guys are awesome voting for me! Please vote again...for just a few more days! I have met many wonderful women this week through Circle of Moms and that is AWESOME! I am amazed at the talent and kindness out there across the web, absolutely astounding!

What is on your agenda this weekend? I am going to sew, I hope, and keep my house from getting totally trashed by my young children.

The weather is cooling off and I really need to go through bee hives and make sure they are all ready for winter. Maybe Sunday? We will see.

Have a happy weekend! I hope it makes you smile!


  1. Hi. I am Christine from Smiles and Trials. My daughter Julia has been reading your blog and told me to come take a look. Your pies look amazing! And you can quilt?? Well I am bit jealous. :( Always wanted to learn. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi. We're voting for you

  2. Sorr that I had to post as Anonymous but Google wouldn't let me sign in.


  3. Christine! Nice to meet you! I keep up with you on Mega Family Blogs! You make my day seem dull with all of the activity and children in your house! You have beautiful children. I stumbled upon you on Mega Family when I was looking for families who have adopted.


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