Monday, October 3, 2011

Sew Crazy Sometimes

Okay, so I MIGHT, just MIGHT have an issue with too many projects. I decided to take a look at what all I have started so that I could best draw out a plan to get it all finished. I even made a promise to myself NOT to take any more classes or start any new projects until these were finished. 

*Double Wedding Ring Quilt I WILL finish within 6 months*

Sometimes I do crazy, wicked stuff like that.

 * Quilted Devotions Quilt I WILL finish within 6 months*

I just can't help myself when I see beautiful fabrics and patterns. It might be an illness....or maybe not:-)
 See this cute Owl PUL fabric? Yep, bought 1/2 yard so that I could FINALLY sew a wet bag to put used cloth diapers in when we are out and about. Exciting, yes? I hope to sew one up within the next week.

* One of 8 scarves I am knitting for Christmas gifts. I WILL finish it within a month*

Then there is the knitting. Oh boy, I love to knit. My night of relaxing consists of watching some Netflix and knitting. I have no time for the 3 books sitting on my nightstand at the moment.
Then there are those cool crafts like Cherry Pit bags. We bought one over 12 years ago at a craft fair. It is just a bag with cherry pits sewn in it. You can heat it in the microwave for a hot pack (sprinkle water on it for moist heat) or you can freeze them for a very cold pack. I bought the cherry pits HERE . My sister in law split the 40 pound bag with me and I made up several on Saturday using fabric in my stash.. These are the BEST heat pads around and now all the children will have one if, unfortunately, the stomach bug ever makes its way around here again.

I also have it on good authority that these are wonderful to take to bed on really cold winter nights.
It's gonna be a Handmade Christmas again this year.

Enough of my many, many projects that I squeeze in during the busy week.

It doesn't have to be spring time for us to enjoy new babies around here.

 Journee has been incubating eggs in her room and these three babies hatched Friday.
 It's amazing how little they are and yet how quickly they grow up!
She has several more "cooking" and we will have some hatching throughout the entire month.
Yes, they are in the house in a brood box. What can I say? I love having babies in any form around the house.

I decided last week that my house was too dull and needed to be painted. I wanted something with more color.

Of course, I came to my senses and decided to just hang a quilt up on the wall.

Please ignore that it is crooked and not properly hanging:-) I decided that it was perfect, color wise, and it satisfies my need to paint (yippee!). I have ordered some proper quilt hangers and Devin will have it all hanged and straight once they arrive.

Adoption Update!

Well, there is no update at all. Everything is complete and now we just wait, which we have been doing since July.  Either this is good because it means there are few children in need of homes and families...OR..this is bad because it means lots of kids are "stuck" in Foster Care.

I am not sure which to believe but we will continue to wait for His perfect timing.

Can you see this? The dogs and a cat and a hen all basking in the sun this weekend?  I almost missed this shot because the window is so mucked up with dirty finger smudges. Ha! My house was pretty messy this weekend, and still is quite messy!
I love this shot though.

Hope your week is  a peaceful one too!

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  1. Such fun! You amaze me girl!


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