Friday, October 14, 2011

The Week's Top Highlights

 The week was a rainy one for the most part. Every morning I would look out the window and see mist and fog.
It was typical fall weather for Georgia. Cool. Misty. A nice break from the hot summer.

I was determined to finish up some projects when our school day fiished. Each afternoon I was able to accomplish a little.
There were a few set backs, like Fletcher finding the pantry door cracked open. He loves to play in there.

I am thinking that perhaps I need to tighten the lid on my bread flour. Not only was he covered, but the floor and shelves and everything on the shelves were white. It was like an early white Christmas in the pantry.


There are  times when we lose a bird to either an illness or a predator such as a hawk.
We have roughly 40 birds out here, so we have gotten used to seeing some die.

This little guy though was a bird I really loved.
He only had one eye (he's quite the fighter) but he would crow every morning by my bedroom window. Sadly he died this week.
It was tragic. So. Sad.
I miss the early morning wake up crow. He sure was a little fluff of feather. R.I.P.


On a happy note, there is a little baby here who is saying "Mama" now!

 Here I caught him in the act. So sweet!
My kids are late talkers compared to some, but they always manage to learn and then talk non-stop! I am sure this boy will be the same.

Finally, teens and Dad are kicking off the weekend with an outdoor movie night as I sit here and type.
They are watching a scary movie, Thirteen Ghosts.
The little kids and I satyed in the house and watched a rental movie with our own stash of popcorn and hot cider.
Before the movie kicked off though we were outside playing and enjoying the sunshine that showed itself all day long!

Zeb helped himself to some lemonade we had outside ready for movie goers.

Willow, Indy and Rose practiced some ninja moves on the trampoline. I think I took a kazillion pictures of them, stopping every few minutes to show them all the shots.

They would try and perfect the ninja moves between photo sessions, trying to make a new and daring move.

Zeb decided to get some of the action too.

Aren't these trampolines one of the most dangerous toys on the market? Devin sees many fractures each year in the ER from these things, and yet here we are sportin' some awesome twists and jumps on the danger machine.

Yeah, baby! The outdoor fire pit is officially back in use! Where are the smores?

Quick adoption update!
Devin met a lady( who like us got tired of the DFCS run around) who told us to go through an agency in Georgia that works with DFCS offices all through the state to get an adoption for families. Well, I called them and they just wanted to see the homestudy first. I called my DFCS worker and she isn't too pleased. Pfft! Looks like we may need another homestudy done for this new agency. There are some issues about using any agency other than DFCS, according to my worker. I will have to look into that matter. At any rate, I will keep ya'll posted.

Have a great weekend! Remember not to get into too much trouble!


  1. Can I just say I love your blog. Today I found Jacquelene playing in the toilet. I only wish it had been the flour bucket. Someone left the bathroom door open. All I have to say is your blog is the lift I usually need. I love seeing someone who is a mom and is proud of it!!! It is the best, toughest, most challenging job I have ever had.


  2. Thank you Brianna! Fletcher discovered the toilet too a few weeks ago....gotta keep that door shut as well! I would love see an updated picture of your girls!

    -Sam (I am using Journee's profile for somereason right now!)


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