Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almost Mid-Week Catch Up

It has been a very busy week, as in I have been doing something constantly since I woke up Monday! :-) Okay, I am known to exaggerate.

First off, we had some friends over Monday and Tuesday. It is Fall break in the area so we decided it was a great time to have a couple friends here to play. I must say that it also gave me an excuse to put school books and projects away for a bit.

Wednesday I loaded up the two teens and my mom for a trip to Huntsville, AL. Oh My Goodness!

We had a great time. You see, my best friend Monique moved down there a couple years ago and I decided to forgive her for leaving me and go see her. I am kidding...I forgave her a year ago, maybe 2 years ago.
Sadly, I did not take as many pictures as I wanted because, well...I was shopping. I can't hold my debit card in my hand and take pictures!

 Because my two teens are fans of the show "Psych" I elected that we eat lunch here at Red Robin. Actually, my girls stayed behind at my friends house to play video games with her teens, so it was my way of being text them and say where I was having lunch. I am a great mom that way.

)Other than the service being super slooooowwwwww. It was great and I am officially addicted to the sweet potato fries. IN FACT, Devin took me out this afternoon to look at new cell phone and I twisted his arm to take me to Red Robin TODAY...just for those fries.:-)

 It is a known fact that Huntsville has great shopping, and it proved itself to me yesterday. One of my favorite shops is Anthropologie. I always browse and drool after the very retro/vintage/awesome items. I never buy anything though because I never see an items under $100 I like. Ahhh...yesterday I fell in love with my new favorite coffee mug there. It only set me back $12. Pure bliss...and I have had 3 cups of coffee from it today. The kids agree it is quite lovely.
 I heard Quinn was not much into the Rock Band session, but she loved the movie "The Princess Bride" and now she knows where her daddy gets some of his goofy quotes.
Before we left, our friends took us for ice cream at the place where the boys work. I am still stuffed from the size small ice on earth does anyone finish the size large????

I am thinking once my checking account recovers I may need another trip down there, say this spring?

Oh, and you know my dear friend Monique has always been the person who I can turn to for advice and inspiration. Yesterday she inspired me with some domestic wisdom.

 Why have I never thought of this sign on my cabinet?????? Yeah, she's a smart cookie, even if she left me a couple of years ago! :-)

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