Friday, October 21, 2011


It has been a day of sewing, knitting schooling, more sewing, baking, cooking and I don't have room to mention the cleaning that went on here!

This weekend will hopefully be  day to catch up on the sewing projects sitting on my table in my studio.

Right now the little ones are in bed and I am watching a movie (sort of) with the teens. It is nice to have the day wrapped up and I am looking forward to tomorrow, because I plan to accomplish a ton!!!!! LOL

A few things I want to share.

First, I have been gathering my ideas for my handmade Christmas this year. I have several projects lined up  and will figure when I want to unveil them and share a tutorial or the sites where I found the ideas. I am super excited about a few of them!

Next, I am about to get started on my recipe database/blog so that it will easy to link some of the menus I use. Hopefully it will prove helpful to some of you who need another from scratch meal idea.

Finally, it was a sad week here in my local home school community as a young mother to five girls lost her life suddenly. Her friends and family have set up a donation account to help cover medical bills and anything else this sweet family may need as they transition to a life without a mother and wife. If you feel compelled, please donate ANY amount! Lots of small donations can really add up. Also, keep them in your prayers. Here is more info:

Christina Jones Hooker Memorial

Hope your weekend is a kickin' great time!!!!
                                            ***Indiana 2009 Halloween***

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