Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Boo-thday, I 'm ALMOST Up There

As in ALMOST 40...but not yet. Next year.

One more year in my thirties and we celebrated like crazy this weekend. All weekend long.

First, we had an outdoor movie night, family style, complete with family and friends.
 We ate hot dogs, s'mores, lots of hot cider, popcorn, chips and know, all the healthy stuff:-)
 Kids jumped on the trampoline and played games like chase until the first movie began.
 We even had friends drive up from Huntsville to help us celebrate.
 Fletcher was shy and pretty much hung on my hip all evening, but that's OK. Anytime a baby wants to cuddle is fine with me.

 It did get pretty cold so the little ones, like Rose and her friend Alex, watched the movie in a sleeping bag. I gave them heated up cherry pit packs to keep them even warmer.
 The teens hung around until their movie started, which was Jurassic Park. It was awesome on a large screen with loud surround sound.
 This is the first year we have not gone to trick or treat. Instead we opted to stay home and eat a yummy dinner of crunchy monster claws, ghoul punch and batty cupcakes. The girls made the cupcakes for me.
 My mom took me and Devin to lunch and then we did a little shopping. I decided that my birthday was a home school holiday, so no school with my little ones. Now, back to reality and housework.One more year to celebrate my thirties and I plan to soak every bit of it up!

Later this week I will start my Hand Made Holiday series with a fun, fun, fun gift you can make in an afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards and wished me happy birthday! It was wonderful and I am very blessed.
Have a Spook-Tacular Monday!

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