Monday, November 21, 2011

Handmade Holidays: A Gift Your Kids Can Make

As the mom of seven, we have made our fair share of gifts over the last many years. There is one gift, however, that the kids ALWAYS make. They always make one to keep and one to give, which is why I stock up at the start of school sales like a mad woman.

This week I will focus on gifts your kids can make since hand made gifts are always the best and it's never too late to instill the tradition of making gifts for family and friends.

Fleece Covered Composition Book

First you need some fleece, a composition style notebook and some tacky glue.

Now, cut your material to fit the book like a cover. You can use a rotary cutter or just uses scissors, it does not have to be totally exact as you will trim a bit more after it's glued.

Now your child can squeeze the glue all over one side of the book.  Be sure they get some on the corners.

Now the material for that side can be placed down on the glue and smoothed out. Flip the book over and do the other side.

Once the glue dries a bit I will often need to trim a wee bit more fabric from the edges. The kids sometimes pull and tug when they are smoothing it out and it stretches. No biggie.

My girls like to make a front pocket too so we will cut a square out and they glue it to the front.

Can you tell my girls are transitioning from little kid to bigger kid? Usually we place crayons in the pocket but this year they wanted a few ink pens as well.

Now here are several easy gifts finished!....and the kids have the satisfaction of making it themselves!
I promise these gifts are keepers!

More to come later this week!

Have an awesome week!

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