Monday, November 7, 2011

Time Change Fog= Short Post

The time change that occurs twice a year here drives me crazy. 
Seriously. Why must we torture ourselves by losing an hour and then gaining an hour?
It drives me batty. 
Not only are sleep and meal patterns messed up, you know those precious routines that you work so hard to establish, BUT I always feel lilke I am in a hurry, late for something.
It's just the dark setting sooner, but today I have felt rushed all afternoon. Pathetic. I am certain that by spring I will be adjusted...just in time to "spring forward."

This weekend was filled with family and birthday celebrations for Journee, who turned 16, and Rose...who is now 6.

We went to Grandmas and had a great dinner and birthday desserts. It was a simple, fun family celebration but we had tons of fun.

I am happy that birthdays around here need not involve huge parties and rented venues. 

This week I will be busy with Devin at a Medical Convention, but I promise I will post a great hand made gift idea before I head out.

Speaking of gifts, I was at a local department store this past weekend and thought the sights and sounds of all the plastic toys would drive me insane. Wouldn't it be nice if we could avoid the heap plastic all together?

 This girl got riding lessons for her 16th birthday and could not be any happier. Okay, she would be happier with her own horse, but that isn't realistic at the moment. Riding lessons have been great and she is enjoys any quality time with just about any animal.
 **Journee's bull dog Zelda**

What other gifts are a great substitute for the cheap plastic that seems to flood every store this time of year?

I will be back in a couple of days with at least one idea:-)

Have a tolerable first day of "fall back" !

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  1. Cute, Cute and more Cuteness. Need I say more.
    Love you pictures,


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