Monday, November 28, 2011

What Routine?

Okay, so this past week REALLY got us out of our groove and today I am paying for it BIG TIME!

Thanksgiving was nice and the weather here was beautiful! While many people were out shopping and spraying pepper spray to get the best deal....Devin and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and work outside. Boy, were we busy!

 I finally mustered the energy and motivation to move my bee keeping equipment into the nice, new storage building Devin built last month.

It looks all nice and tidy now.....the challenge is keeping it that way once bee season kicks back into full gear. I tend to drop stuff here and there and everywhere.
At any rate, it got me thinking about my lack of motivation of any kind this year with my bees. The romance has passed, but there is still a kindle of some kind and moving and organizing the boxes and such heated the romance up a bit. I am considering putting together a bee keeping course this spring and will be brainstorming it over the next few weeks. I also plan to raise some queens from my hardier hives. Now that I have the pitter-patter in my heart again I just need all my hives to survive the winter. I will be making candy boards and getting them on by Dec 20th.

Aside from the bee equipment move , I also trimmed bushes, cleaned garden beds and cleaned chicken coops. I also got the coops ready for cold days by lowering the felt covers on the fronts and backs of the coops. Winter came yesterday too. It has been rainy and cold. Time for the wood stove to light up and zap any further motivation we managed to muster.

But muster we must! The kids are ready for Christmas decorations and YES we have some more hand made gifts to show and share! This week, I promise. :-)

How was your Thanksgiving? My three men of the house wore their "good" overalls and I so wanted to capture the kodak moment, the picture that I could enlarge and frame and say, "Look at my handsome guys!"

 Only Fletcher refused to keep his finger out of his nose!!!! It was a kodak moment, only one I will not be hanging in the living room. That's my short post for this busy day as I try and get the family back into some sort of routine!
Tell me, what's been picking at you lately?

Have an awesome Monday!

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  1. Awwww.. what a sweet little nose picker he is! :)

    You have been busy.. we got the pool cleaned out and sort of ready for winter, and the living room painted. Next to you I feel like a slouch! :)



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