Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Handmade Holidays: The One That Never Fails

Tomorrow is the big Turkey Day, the day we celebrate all that makes us American and a day to reflect on our many blessings and be thankful. It's going to be a great day ya'll.

Since Devin works in the ER, he works every other Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year he is off Thanksgiving and works Christmas...which is always a bummer. BUT! he is off tomorrow and I am thankful for that!

I wanted to share another gift your kids can make. I know some of you will roll your eyes when you see what this gift is, BUT I ALWAYS love it when a friend makes this for me. It never goes to waste and it can sit around on my counter through January and sometimes February. It's a reminder on a cold January afternoon of the many wonderful, giving friends I have.
 Besides, I am going to show you how to kick it up a notch and make it extra special!

Homemade Hot Chocolate

 You need to round up some dry milk (enough to make 8 qts), 1 lb of powder sugar, 1 lb of powder creamer, and 1 1/2 lb of powder chocolate milk mix. You can go the simple route (nothing wrong with that!) and get the plain creamer powder or you can kick it up a notch and buy a flavored creamer. The flavored stuff costs quite a bit more but it gives the mix a more gourmet flavor. Hazelnut is my favorite but here I bought peppermint mocha. Irish Creme is another fabulous one if you can find it:-)
 Yes, your little ones can pour the stuff into a big bowl!....brushing their hair first is optional:-)
 Use a whisk to really get everything mixed up well.
 It takes 4 heaping spoonfuls to get the hot chocolate perfect. I found these little bags at the store and we decided to put 1/2 C of the mix and a handful of mini marshmallows in each bag. This is a nice one size serving.
 Rose picked out some cute, inexpensive mugs to put her gift in and added a candy cane.
 Trust me when I say that these gifts are loved by anyone who loves hot chocolate.
 You can also package a large, multi serving amount in an inexpensive box for giving. Mason jars are also a nice way to give this gift. If you are lucky enough to live near IKEA, you have access to some nice and inexpensive jars of most any shape and size.
We have this jar that holds suckers in the summer and hot chocolate mix in the winter.

Now, I am off to check on the boys. Fletcher has learned how to open the doors all through the house. This afternoon we had one of those "I thought you had the baby..."   " No, you had the baby didn't you?' types of scenarios between me and Devin. Well, we found Fletcher in our bathroom.

Dunking rolls of toilet paper into the toilet is fun, apparently. At least it only took a few pushes of the plunger to un-stop the clogged toilet and those rugs wash up really well:-)

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Hey! How much water do you add for the 1/2 cup/one serving?

  2. That is for a regular 8 oz mug size. The recipe actually states that 4 heaping spoonfuls or 1/4 C is the amount to use but we found the 1/2 cup to be richer and more flavorful. Okay, the kids like the huge amount! I tend to use an amount between 1/4 and 1/2 Cup. I hope that helps!

  3. I just made this and it taste awesome!! I made enough for gifts and put it mason jars! So adorable and inexpensive!! Thanks!

  4. So glad you liked it!!! Did you use a flavored creamer? or regular?


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