Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Can Punch Harder

Okay, so sometimes running a family is stressful. Sometimes you need a break, a day off, a glass of wine...or even a cheap wine cooler and a chick flick will do.
Having a large family is usually great but let's get real. Let's be truthful.
Some days stink.
Some days the baby fusses all day or the kids nit-pick at their food or the dogs bark way too much or maybe NOTHING is going smoothly.

*The baby literally clinging to my legs and fussing*

Some days you just want to throw on the pajamas, lock the doors, turn on the TV and sit and stare.
The blank stare. The "What in the hell is going on today?" stare.

Well, my "what the hell" question was answered this week when DFCS called and asked us to do respite care for another foster family.

* Me and Rosie practice our sad faces*

"...but we didn't sign up for respite!" I exclaimed!

We were hoping for a call about a possible foster-adopt situation but you know what? We are needed NOW. A foster family who has given their all to these kids for the last YEAR needs a much deserved break.

We can do it. We will do it.

*Sometimes the only quiet place to read a book is in the laundry room!*

Back to my "what the hell" moment.
It is a well known and well documented fact (you adoptive families can back this up) that things usually fall apart just about the time an orphan or foster child needs help. It's true.

You have to fight back and say, "Throw your best punch mean devil 'cause I can punch harder!"

Then you must stand back and take notice at all the wonderful good things happening.

 *Willow made a grape vine wreath after I trimmed the muscadines*

Yes, you have 20 loads of laundry but thank goodness there is a machine in the room that washes those 20 loads.
Yep, you are exhausted from yard work and now must cook dinner, but aren't you glad that you have a yard for the kids to play in and food sitting in the fridge and pantry to cook?

Maybe you are ticked off at the less than intelligent and not so prudent social worker at DFCS that you had to deal with, but it is a wonderful opportunity to care for some kids who need a lot of love.

And if there is one thing in abundance with a large family like mine, it's love.

*Me and Rosie practicing our happy faces!*

I will be busy, busy starting tomorrow with three little additions (all under age 5) so I will be back Monday.
In the meantime, go see Katie Davis and read her latest post. I promise you will be happy you did!

Friday Phone Dump (on Thursday!):

Hope your weekend is void of "what the hell" moments!!!!!
Have a GREAT Friday!!!!


  1. Great post I completely need this today,after a week of being stuck in a rut, so I'm about to start kicking some butt too!
    Cheers Sue

    1. Thanks and thanks for stopping by! I love your blog and you have a beautiful family!

  2. Love it love it love it, Sam!

    Go girl....

  3. I hope you have a lot of fun with the new additions!


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