Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Moo

This week, like almost every week here, was a busy one.

It started with a couple of men hired to build a deck around the swimming pool. Yes, our sweet summer spot will be graced with a wooden deck large enough to accomodate our family and a grill and a table and chairs.

To say that we are all excited would be an under statement. We know how bloomin' hot and humid Georgia gets in the summer and we also remember how much we enjoyed the pool for the last few weeks of last summer. Bet we spend a hefty amount of time out there this summer.


We had one day this week that topped into the 70s outside. It was a perfect day to move some blueberry bushes I needed moved and also to clean out the sand box. After that we just sat outside on a quilt and played.


Today we drove south towards Atlanta to visit a wonderful farm. Our purpose was to visit and see how they manage their farm but to also look at their Jersey milking cows. They have a couple coming up for sale and we were interested in maybe purchasing one.

It's a big investment of time and money, but I think we are seriously considering "going for it!"
We still have some management issues to figure out, but we are discussing different possibilities and ideas.

Call me an eternal optimist, but the week was a good one, despite my constant exhaustion from caring for restless little boys.
Our pool is looking very inviting for the summer, my blueberry bushes survived winter and look great, my garden seeds have been started, my hens are laying lots of eggs,  and our investigation of a family milk cow was positive. It makes me wanna say "Bring It On!!!!!!"

But first, here's my Friday Phone Dump:

Enjoy Your Beautiful Weekend!!!


  1. The decking looks great, you're bound to have a fantastic summer.
    It's nice to hear someone being so happy and positive!

    1. Thank you! Summer can't get here soon enough!

  2. Great idea getting that pool deck! Makes it such a wonderful place to hang out.

    Re: the Jersey. We get our milk (raw) from Jerseys, but we buy it from a nearby farm. If you've been researching getting one for yourselves, I'm sure you already know how much butterfat Jerseys produce. It's too much for our tastes. I usually call ahead and she'll set a few gallons aside to let the cream rise, then skim a good bit off for us. It still gives me enough to use for cooking and such, but we prefer to drink it skim. The other day I never got around to calling ahead, so I just took it straight. I bought 4 gallons, and after I separated it at home, we had WELL over a gallon of cream. Just thought you should be aware before you go ahead with tha purchase. If I were to buy our own cow (which I am not prepared to do b/c of the time committment. Well, not so much the amount of time, but more for the inflexibility -- you can NEVER take a break from twice a day every day) I would probably not get a Jersey just b/c we wouldn't want that much cream. Of course, if I made butter or cheese, or if I sold stuff, that might be a different story.

    1. I want the jersey milk to make butter and cheese. I visited a dairy yesterday to milk and see his operation. It was fun. Now I just have to find me a good Jersey for a reasonable price!:-)


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