Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, the Day I Gorged on Sugar

It was a crazy, busy day. The weekend started with activities for my teens and ended yesterday with my oldest in Arkansas to visit my sister for a long visit....several weeks.
She is working temporarily in my sister's bicycle shop, helping her out and earning some money. It was too good an opportunity to pass PLUS she gets to hang out with her favorite cousin. Sweet deal for a 16 year old.
*Rose likes to torture the barbies. Yes, she is wearing a tank top in Feb!*
This means, of course, that everyone else here and myself has more to do as far as chores. I fully intend to pass the chicken feeding chore along to my middle daughters but I have enjoyed being we will see.

Because it feels like spring outside, all of the trees and grass are starting to bud and turn green. I took the time yesterday to prune back the peach trees in the orchard. Tomorrow I tackle the apple trees, after the blisters heal on my hand. * Mental note: Use work gloves!*
See how green the bermuda hay is turning?
Today we had school and art lessons and piano. It was a  packed day with a fussy baby. In fact, today was a crazy day for a large family.
Most days I can handle very easily, but today I feel run down and so everything felt like a heavy weight. School, laundry, meals, toys, books, baths....everything. I must also mention that the baby can now open kitchen drawers and reach inside for items. CRAZY! Some days are like that.

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when Zeb came inside crying and the baby literally hung on my pant leg screaming. It was like a really pathetic scene from a movie. I did what any mother in my position would do.

I baked cup cakes.
From a box mix.
With can frosting that was hiding in the pantry.
I added pretty sprinkles.

You want to know what the baby did when I gave him a batter spoon to lick?
Yep, he was happy again!
Want to know what he did when I gave him a cupcake to eat?
Life was all good again. Everything in the universe was balanced.

Sometimes you have grasp outside the box in a stressful situation.

Now, I am not going to mention how many I ate. Okay, I only ate far. You know I must wait until everyone is in bed before I gorge on eat more.

In the meantime, Let me share my new source of laughter for the day. I have these "Hey, girl Ryan Gosling" snippets pinned on my pinterest board. Seriously these have been a great reason to chuckle today so I will leave you with one...since I can't pass a cup cake to you, of course:-)


Hope your day has been sweet as sugar!

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