Monday, May 26, 2014

The Happy Birthday Graduation

Saturday Journee officially graduated from high school. Translation: we threw a big party.

Sure there were some local home school groups who held official graduation ceremonies complete with cap and gown but a party is sufficient. We are laid back in this family.

It was nice to visit with friends and family and we had a nice spread of food and drink. Journee was showered with gifts and cards too. Everyone came out to celebrate her hard work and bright future.

One close friend had a blanket made with a collage of family pictures printed on it. How cool is that?

The siblings used their creative minds to craft a special "Congratulation" sign in her honor as well.

Journee requested an ice cream cake for the party so last week I ordered a cake online. It was a simple request. A big cake with "Happy Graduation Journee" printed on it.

OOPS! By the time we got it home and saw that it read "Happy Birthday" we were not about to drive back into Chattanooga for a replacement or a fix. Happy birthday it was.

We laughed when we saw the mistake because there was really no need to get upset. This was a party, afterall. Mistakes happen sometimes, and the in the big picture we knew this cake was still delicious.

So, we had a graduation party complete with a happy birthday cake. We ate food all afternoon and enjoyed the nice weather outside. We enjoyed friends and family and celebrated the accomplishments of Journee.

Now I just have to convince Zeb that it was NOT her birthday. The little boys are a little confused:-)

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  1. Congratulations Journee!
    Samantha I know you are so proud of her. She's a beautiful girl!!


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