Friday, May 23, 2014

The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things.

This week we have been busy cleaning up the yard and house in preparation of a graduation party for Journee. I always say folks need to host parties a couple times a year so that the yard and house can get a good cleaning.
We actually mowed the yard with a mower and not with cows and the girls planted some flowers for me as well. It has been crazy busy here, but not so busy that we can't stop and enjoy the beauty of spring.

After milking chores yesterday I noticed a bird nest had blown out of the trees.

Now my family thinks I obsess a little too much over these little works of art, but when you look closely you can see the farm in this nest. The perfectly smooth bottom is lined with goat and cow hair...from my cows and goats.

The side of the nest has strands of wool from the sheep. Curly little sheep locks. So cool.

So I grabbed this little beauty and brought it inside to add to my ever growing collection of nests. I find one every year and every year they contain more and more of this little farm.

Speaking of spring, one cannot live down south and not smell the honeysuckle and privet blooming at the same time.

It is a smell that is simply intoxicating. The warm breezes blows the sweet smell all around. It can even drown out the smelliest of farm messes.

This brings me to one last sweet little thing.

Pigs! I bet you didn't expect that:-)
The pigs are now in the forest, held in with electric wire fencing. I must say they love it. They have lots of room to root around and lots of trees to keep them cool in these 88 degree days.
It is nice to be able to raise food in it's more natural environment and as humanely as possible.

With that, I must go  and get busy.

The vet will come out today as I have several animals needing some attention. Nothing serious, but enough so that it warranted a vet call from my real life James Herriot.

Don't forget to stop and enjoy the little things!

Happy Friday Ya'll!

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