Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I have an eclectic mix of chickens here on my farm.
You might think I am all farmer all of the time, but I actually have a soft spot for my hens. I keep them around after they are too old to lay eggs and also if they have defects.

Today I will spotlight a little black cochin hen.

She is like any other hen I have. She pecks around, eat bugs and lays eggs.
The only difference is that she hops. She doesn't walk.

When she was a little baby chick, she was unfortunate enough to get her leg caught in the coop door.
The injury crushed her leg badly. I really thought she would die. She didn't look well and she acted like she would soon die.
We placed her into a hospital pen, which is actually a set of individual pens we have in the back yard. Day after day she stayed alive, although barely. She couldn't stand and we had to keep food and water directly in front of her head.
After a couple of weeks she started to stand up and peck for food

A few weeks after that, her dead leg fell off. It looked clean and without infection. What else to do but put her out with the other ladies?

So she hops and pecks and lays eggs, and all on one leg. Of course, being big Lord of the Ring fans, we decided to name her after our favorite elf. We call her Leg-O-Less.


The weekend was a busy one. No I didn't finish or work on any projects. It seems that my long, well planned to-do lists are simply for show these days.
My days are consumed with house hold chores such as cooking and cleaning and laundry. It's enough to discourage any ambitious mother.

I expect that it will simmer down as the week moves on and I will be more productive this weekend, at least I am hoping my glass remains half full.

Maybe I am not as organized as I thought? Perhaps I need to get the house in better order? Perhaps I need to sip another cup of coffee and not stress over it at all....

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!!!

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