Saturday, August 9, 2014


This will not be a super long post, as I have a big project today. I am clearing out a basement room to create a fiber studio...more on that later next week. In the meantime........

This week we celebrated Zeb's 6th birthday.
He was the first boy after 5 daughters. Yep, he has a house FULL of mothers!

Zebulun King was named after the Grandpa on the show The Waltons. King is a family name. It also seemed appropriate that we name our 6th child after Zebulun of the bible, since Zebulun was the 6th son of Jacob and Leah.

Zeb has always loved the outdoors and the animals. He is *all boy*, as the saying goes.

We took him out the morning of his party so he could pick out a new bike and pick out goodies for the party.
Like all of his siblings, he loves video games....especially Halo and Minecraft.

It was a fun and simple family party.

My boys, my hippie long haired boys.
They are the best of friends. The are constant pals. They are brothers.

We ate a yummy dinner of crock pot chicken tacos, homemade salsa and chocolate birthday cake. Who said a fun party needs to be complicated? Or expensive?

Here's to another year of being all boy. This year Zeb will also begin formal home schooling. It will be fun!

Happy weekend ya'll!

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