Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hand Made Holiday Recap

3 weeks until Christmas!

Usually I am whipping up hand made gifts, and this year is no exception. I admit that I have slimmed my hand made gift giving list down a bit though from previous years. The cows and the cheese making has really swallowed up my time. Yes, cheese will be a gift for some on my list.

I wanted to go back through older posts, ones where I shared hand made gift ideas.

I hope some of you might find a gift or two to make.

Now......time to get busy!

The Sharpie Plate. Popular on Pinterest, make sure you buy the right kind of Sharpie.

The Washer Necklace. If you have girls, you need to check this one out.

The Book Mark. This is really a great and pretty gift for the avid book reader!

Hot Chocolate Mix. This is still a favorite in this family!

Kid's Can Craft Too! This is always a popular gift your kids can make for friends and cousins!

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