Saturday, August 1, 2015

Costume & Luna by Awesome Daughter

Hey everybody. It's Quinn again. I was supposed to do a blog post yesterday but I forgot...Oops.
Today I have an update on Luna, the puppy.
But also, since (If you saw my last post, from last Saturday, this will make sense) I updated on my armor costume project last time, and my helmet was still in its really early stages, I'm gonna show you guys a more updated picture of it, since I've been working on it this week, and it's looking a better now.

So as you can see, it's looking a lot better. I've fixed up a lot of details, and sill adding some on. It's almost ready to be painted, with the rest of my suit.
Throughout the week, I've been taking selfies of Luna and I everyday, so I could post them all on here for you guys to see.
Though she's cute, she's slightly evil. Waking me up in the morning, and barking at random things. She's a little bit of a bum, but we love her anyway.
So please, enjoy. :3 
I posted this one on my first blog post on here.
This is from last Saturday, when she woke me up.


Monday (freaky psychotic puppy, just look at those eyes)
 Tuesday (I wasn't choking her, by the way)
 Wednesday. Luna freaking rejected me that morning, and wouldn't cuddle.
 Thursday. I made her cuddle with me.

Friday. And I made her be happy.

And this is today. Overall she probably loves me. I mean, come on.
She clearly can't resist the love.

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