Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I am recovering from an eventful weekend, but today I wanted to talk about Zebulun.
Last week Zeb celebrated his 7th birthday, so naturally we had a family party.

He specifically asked for a treasure chest filled with goodies. We had a treasure map made up and everything, but Mother Nature decided we needed lots and lots of rain instead. Of course he also got the traditional box of fish crackers that each child loves to receive from grandma. Those crackers are a real treat around this house.

This changed the party from an outdoor pool party to an inside house party, but the boy was happy to celebrate in any way!

Rose made cupcakes and I set out snacks. We also grilled burgers, which are always yummy.

Happy Birthday Zeb!!!


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  2. That sounds like a wonderful party!! The party theme was also great. Last year I threw such a blasting birthday party for my son. This year we will be celebrating his birthday at the outdoor Chicago event space. He is so excited to visit Chicago on his birthday!!


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