Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What's Next?

If there is one thing I can NOT stand it's a disorganized and horribly messy house. I  just can't think when I have laundry piled up and zero plans for dinner. I'm feeding a family meal plan=major stress.

Today I sat by the pool pondering my lack of motivation and wishing, really, that it were still June. I love summer. I love the heat and the green trees and the muggy air. The sounds of the frogs, crickets and cicadas singing is intoxicating. (No, that was not the pre dinner beer talking.)

                                 The ladies cooling off with the central unit fans.

At any rate, summer is quickly drawing to an end and this girl needs a plan to get things back into school year shape, ie. organized house and a game plan.

I have stated in the past that one thing I have learned when I feel overwhelmed with projects and ideas is to simply "do what's next." For me today, that meant dinner.

I have started by cooking a Cuban dish, Picadillo. Who doesn't love chicken and rice simmered with olives and garlic?
While the dinner simmered I threw all of my kitchen rugs into the wash. I then swept the floors downstairs and ran a quick mop over the floors.

That's it, really. I have no other plans but to get a solid night of sleep and then tackle "what's next" tomorrow.

                                                      Back into a milking routine!

I suppose chores, a grocery list and meal plan for the week are top priorities. My pantry will then get a good dose of organizing and then I will be a good way towards my "normal life."

Who knows, maybe I can get enough done by Friday that I will have more time to sit by the pool to ponder summer and listen to the cicadas.

 Just maybe.

Happy Hump Day Ya'll!

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