Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy Bee

I am not quite sure what it is about having a new baby AND the holidays quickly approaching but it really gets my gears going.
I suddenly feel the urge to clean out every room and closet, I HAVE to get rid of clutter and stuff that really serves no purpose for this family. Combine this urge with the desire to start making some Christmas gifts and you have one busy bee.

Today I made out a Christmas list and plan to utilize it sometime next week. My quilting will stop for the time being so I can focus on sewing other goodies. Tomorrow I will make out a shopping list for the holidays and when Devin gets another little stretch off work we are going through the house and basement and getting rid of things we no longer need!!!! (yay!)
When there are 9 people living in the house (big or small people) it can get cluttered, especially with homeschooling.
Because I am not focused and just rambling, I am going to direct you to another site, specifically a blog I created last year for my dad. There is a particular story that we were all talking about last weekend about a cat. A very sneaky cat, indeed. It was one cheerful story on a blog that chronicled a sad situation.
Go read it HERE and enjoy a laugh. Only these things happen to me, honestly.

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