Monday, November 15, 2010

Handmade Christmas Part 1

Most years I try and make at least a few of my Christmas gifts and this year is no exception.
Today I finished up what is called the "Zippy Strippy"...or is it the "Strippy Zippy?"

I am not sure, but either way it consists of a little fabric pieced and quilted and made into a nice little bag with a zipper.
I love them. You can use them to hold all sorts of treasures or sewing tools or make-up. I was given one by a wonderful lady friend at the quilt store. I then took her class and made one for myself and that inspired me to make some as gifts.

She showed me how to add this binding on the zipper so it would look more finished. I admit I am not a fan of sewing zippers, but it was easy.

I am not giving a tutorial for this project, but here is the pattern I used.

Isn't this fabric adorable? No doubt some special people will be getting these in a few weeks!
Stayed tuned as I am making some more things over the next few days, that is if my infant and toddler cooperate!
What gifts are you making this year?


  1. I may make one of these bags (or two). I am also making aprons, table runners and wool felt applique stuff for family/friends in Louisiana. Your bags look great. What else are you making?

  2. I am also making some aprons and a couple wine bags and another goodie (once my fabric gets here!)


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