Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Handmade Christmas Tutorial

I just had to share the love today! 10 minutes is all you need to whip up one of these little treasures.

This is the wine bag that is in this nice little book:

I bought this book last year and made some table runners and place mats from it and they were nice. I thought the wine bag was a cute idea for gift giving as well.

Here's what you need:
1 fat quarter for outside
1 fat quarter for inner lining
1 yard of ribbon

Trim your fabric pieces to 14"x16" each. This project is great for that stash of fabrics you have in the closet:-)

With the RIGHT sides together, stitch down the short 14" inch side. Use your 1/4" foot. Press the seam towards the lining.

Now open it up and it should look like this.

Fold it in half this way with the RIGHT sides still together and sew down the side.

You should have a tube. Do you? Good. Next step.....

Turn the lining side out over the outside fabric. It should look like this. See where the two fabrics are sewn together at the top?

Sew a 1/4 " seam all the way around the top there. You are doing great! We are almost done.

Take the open end and trim it just enough to get any scraggly ends even. Then.....

Sew it closed...all the layers together there where you just trimmed. Zig-zag the raw seam so it looks neat.

Fold the corner down and measure 1 1/4". Mark the line and pin it. Do this with BOTH corners. This will give the bag a flat bottom so it will stand up better.

Sew on your marked line. Trim a 1/4" seam and zig zag the raw edge. Do the same with the other corner.

How does your bag look? I bet it is looking great!

Turn your bag RIGHT side out now! Now all you need is a way to tie it up.

Measure down 4 1/2 inches on the side where the seam is and put a little mark there.

Fold your ribbon in half and tack it down by hand or machine. I used thick hand quilting thread and tacked it by hand.

Now you bag is ready for some wine or even sparkling juice!

Tie it all up and you are done! That was easy, yes? Anybody can buy a paper gift bag for a wine gift. Your handmade bag is so much nicer!

Tomorrow I will show you a couple of cheery holiday aprons that are almost as simple to make!

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