Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's In Indian Corn

So today starts a  season of crafts! Today we made Indian Corn.

We used an all time favorite staple among all craft supplies: construction paper.

I originally decided to do this craft because 1. I needed something to keep the 5 year old busy
2. It is a great for the little ones to practice cutting and pasting and 3. It is nice to have the house decorated in season by the kids.

Don't forget to add crunched up paper at the top for husks.

These are nice hanging up in the window too!

Also, if you are craving something yummy to bake look no further, well you need to head over to Once Upon A Chef. You will find the BEST pumpkin muffins. I made a double batch last night and we had them for breakfast. This recipe is a keeper, trust me.

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