Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Early Start

I think I might be getting used to early mornings! What is wrong with me? After 7 kids, Fletcher has finally made me get up everyday before dawn. Of course, I get up and shower and get the diapers in the wash and make myself a cup of tea and then he takes a little nap. It's still dark out but he is napping.
I have resigned to making the most of these long days by getting lots done, and sometimes that is the case. There are other days where my six older children beg for my time every minute so I set my goals lower. I cook meals and clean up after kids and "do school."

Today, I get to head to the quilt store and meet with the ladies and the quilter who comes up every month.

This is my Courthouse Steps quilt I just finished it last night. I must say that it is really pretty but was not much fun to piece. I think a large part of that dislike was having everything sprawled out onto my table and throughout my kitchen all week. It is small but finished and it will be even prettier once it is quilted.

My scant number of bee hives are still alive despite the freezing temps and prediction of MORE snow! My daughter did spy some dandelions blooming outside so spring will be here any day now. (crossing fingers)

I have other *things* in the works but cannot reveal them as of yet. In the meantime, I am going to sip more tea and straighten up my neglected desk area until the kids start waking up and wanting breakfast.
Here's to a fresh and early start to the day!

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