Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will it ever end???

I cannot remember the last time we got an intestinal bug in this family (thank goodness)but we have one now.

It started last week with Rose and then struck again over the weekend with myself and the baby. Now it is using this week to go through the kids one by one, or two by two. At any rate I have been doing laundry non-stop and scrubbing the house down.

It's weeks like these that I am reminded of how MUCH I do "on the side" as far as hobbies and extra stuff. It all gets put on hold and then accumulates. It's no big deal, but I then question why on earth I have so many interests? Ha-ha.

I have been working on a new meal plan and it has so far been great. I will give you a hint:

It requires chopping and assembling and freezing. What I LOVE is that most of it is NOT a lasagna or cassarole dish. After we have tested it some more I will give MORE details. Did I mention it's geared for bulk shoppers? That's me. I went to Costcos yesterday and enjoyed myself:-)

Well, my short spurt of computer time is over. I had just a few minutes to sneak away and let ya'll know I am still here.
Devin and I have some BIG decisions to make so keep us in your prayers. These are good decisions yet life changing sooo.......lots to consider.

Enjoy the week and I will be back in gear soon!

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