Friday, February 4, 2011

Whirl Wind

It has been a whirl wind kind of week here. I find my self describing many of my weeks as crazy and I suppose that goes along with having 7 kids and homeschooling.

I am sometimes a slow learner and still think of myself as a mother to "just" 4 or 5 who can still accomplish everything  needed in a day. 

I did give myself the luxury of a quilting class on Tuesday. I wish I could say I was nearly done with the quilt, but I am still cutting the fabric. It will be gorgeous when it is finished. Hopefully that day will be within a month. (crossing fingers). I do despise unfinished projects.

Devin finished fixing up my wall and hanged my new boards up. It looks clean and neat for the moment. That won't last but I am happy to have a place for all of my reminders, papers, charts, etc.

My tomato seedlings have germinated and the bell peppers are not too far behind. It is so cold outside today, and we even had some sleet and freezing rain yet there are my seedlings. It's a reminder and a promise that warm weather will soon be here.

My nemesis is this very messy pantry. I try and try but just can't seem to get it looking super duper organized. It is fairly organized but just not what I picture in my head. I suppose if I didn't keep so much food in it..well, that would help.Today I will focus on the wonderful bounty we have been blessed with and not on the way I store it on my shelves:-)

Early mornings are becoming the norm around here. The baby and toddler both woke up at 5am this morning. So here is Zeb at 5am drinking hot chocolate...with whipped cream. It was dark and cold out and the house was quiet. No doubt it will be a long day for me but on the upside I have already cleaned 2 bathrooms, started laundry, had 2 cups of tea and now I am updating blogs while the baby takes a nap (his second for the day already!)

It will be a whirl wind week but I am so thankful for tasks to keep me busy and children to keep me grounded.

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