Monday, February 14, 2011


It has officially arrived! I know it is still mid-February and that we are still in for some cold days and nights BUT here is my proof that Spring is actually here.

1. The bees are out and bringing in pollen! It has been pretty warm and will continue this entire week.

2. The baby chics arrived early this morning! These are just 2 of the many baby hens we bought this year. It always feesls like spring with these little guys cheeping in the house.

 3. This was the view from my kitchen window! The kids were playing and eating popsicles. The school day was broken into a morning session and then an evening session. We don't like missing an opportunity for fresh air and playtime outdoors.

4. Even the dogs and the teenagers are more playful! They all stayed outside a good portion of the day.

5. No more feelin' like we are stuck in a cage! Ok, so that may be a tad bit dramatic, but I needed something to go with this silly picture of Quinn.
The truth is that staying home with kids all day can be tough and homeschooling can be even tougher. But another truth is that in the end it is ALWAYS worth it and when you get a nice day to run, jump and play outdoors you should seize the moment!
It is spring, afterall! These weeks will pass quickly and we will be into summer with very hot, very long days.
One more thing.....

Is this chic winking at me?

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