Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday Devin and I removed some bees from the side of a friend's house. It was cool and I will post as soon as I get the pictures emailed to me. In the meantime, we have just been plain busy here.
Tuesday we took the kids to Huntsville to the Rocket Museum. That was tons of fun, especially since we met up with good friends who moved to Huntsville.
In other exciting news, I am just plain worn out from grocery shopping and house cleaning today. seriously, that baby is so heavy! He will be 8 months old tomorrow! He loves to play on the floor, thank goodness, and he has a new best friend who plays with him.

 Duke loves the soft quilt and will happily let Fletch pull and chew on him if he can only stay right there and doze off.
 WHAT???? Did you say "BACON?"
Oh, Ok then. If there's no bacon, then there's no reason to move. Carry on....
****Tomorrow I promise a better post on something....with a little more "meat". I might even throw in some bacon:-)****

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