Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Exhaustion of Being Blessed

Exhaustion is my word for the day. Today is the day you are warned about, the day that you will be up past your eyeballs in things to do and yet NOTHING gets done. OK, let me back up a bit. I did the essentials. My kids and I did school, we learned about Africa (specifically Egypt) and how the Nile runs opposite of how you think. I cooked breakfast, reheated leftovers for lunch and made dinner, compete with dessert. Kids have been read to, played games with and given baths. I stayed extra optimistic because my dear husband has been a little less than optimistic today. Laundry was done and folded and put away. The baby has been nursed, and nursed, and nursed some more. I discovered that if I sit in the recliner still for longer than 5 minutes I fall asleep.
Despite all of this I know more than ever we will have more. More exhaustion, more demands, more meals, more stories and more games...more children. I would be tempted to say that I am ready to have "me" time. I am tired of constantly giving of myself. I am through having kids and babies and all it includes. Yes, despite all of this I know that these are treasures worth more than anything. These are blessings that have been graciously given to me. Who am I to refuse such a blessing? If I have nothing else ever in the world, I have these blessings. My children. My family.

So the extra things on my to do list are pushed back for another day. The quilts, the scarves, the organized house they can all wait.
If I could stop time and lock up these days into a bottle I would. These days where we don't HAVE to go anywhere. These days when we can play, we are all together and the biggest decision amongst us all is which movie to watch. I look back on all of the days I did not appreciate it enough. Those days when I only had toddlers at home were special days that flew in a flash. I am sure I spent too much time focusing on things that in hindsight were not as important as the time spent with my babies. I am wiser, more mature now. I only want to soak up the days, even if they are crazy at times.
We are always busy. We are also always very blessed. Even though I am exhausted to the point of sleeping in the big easy chair when I sit down, I know I am very, very happy.

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