Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crud, Oh Crud!

How much laziness can one body keep and for how long?
It seems this head crud moved into my chest and became chest crud. Now I feel like, well, crud!
I literally wasted an entire day yesterday with 2 naps and still did not get any energy back. At least, not enough to accomplish anything other than feeding the kids and caring for their basic needs. I suppose some days are just like that.
This morning I was hoping to jump out of bed and feel 100% better, since I did go to bed at 9pm lastnight. Let's just say I felt better than yesterday. I have only had one nap so far too, so it's getting better.

I have decided that we need to really strap down if we are going to get the basement finished this year, so....time to look back over the budget and see what's going on. I must re-do the food budget too and add to it some room for snacks and lunches this summer. We are not taking any vacations this year, but we intend to spend one day a week at the lake. I will pack a cooler of food those days and I already purchased 2 water coolers that hold 2 gallons of liquid each. I can take cold water and maybe lemonade or tea in the other. Most summers we take along a 12 pack or 2 of soda, but I decided that a once a week trip warrants water and tea.
I also revamped my master grocery lists. I keep it in the pantry and highlight items we need, as we need them. This keeps me from having to make out long lists every time I go to Costcos or Sams.
I suppose I could revisit my master dinner list as well. I have been intending to add a couple of new recipes to the list. I  cannot make a weekly menu and stick to it. I only cook what sounds good to me at the time, so.......I just keep a well stocked pantry and freezer and also a list of what I have available to cook. I am thinking that the grill should be fired up this week because kabobs sound good:-)
I also made up more pancake mixes for the freezer. Whew! I grind my soft wheat and add the dry ingredients for pancakes together, each in a gallon sized bag. I store them in the freezer since it is fresh wheat and use them as I need in the mornings. I only add the eggs, oil, honey and milk. Breakfast is super easy for this crew when it's pancakes with my "convenience" package.
So here's to turning a non-productive weekend into a slightly productive day. Here's hoping I feel myself by morning because I am no good sick.

Oh! I must also update you all on the adoption! The first weekend in June we will attend the IMPACT training that is required....then we are set! It's hard to believe that we are less than a month away from having ALL of our requirements finished! YAY!

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