Monday, May 2, 2011

Tornado Aftermath

First let me start by counting my blessings that my home was not hit by the tornado that tore through my little town on Wednesday night. We were about 1/2 mile away, sitting in the basement watching the local weather man on TV. We did not even lose our power while our town, our neighbors were getting slammed.

This is what my local and favorite quilt store looked like the next day. In fact, this is what most of my little town here looks like. I am grateful to be in my little shell here, safe and sound.
I am also thrilled to say that despite the fact that my local DFCS office was slammed as well, my adoption papers were NOT in the building. I found out today that another adoption specialist had taken my file just 2 days earlier to her office, in another location. Whew! Our adoption is still moving forward and we will attend a 20 hour training session in early June.

To those who donated so graciously to my quilt raffle, I got an email from Katie Davis in Uganda!!! I want to share it will all of you and again thank you all soooo much!

April 2011
Dear Samantha,
Thank you for your gift of $865.00 to Amazima Ministries.  I am truly touched to hear that you raised this money through your blog for the sake of these kids.  THANK YOU. 
Over a month ago I welcomed into my home a little girl named Lorocho.  She is three years old and at that time she weighed approximately 10 lbs.  The first several weeks I was up multiple times a night with her, realizing she was fighting for her life.  She struggled to keep any food down.  She had no strength. 
Today Lorocho is gaining weight, growing, and smiling.  I’m working to get her to a point where she can walk, and as soon as she does, her grandmother will care for her. 
It takes a while to rehabilitate a starved body, and sometimes even longer to restore a wounded soul.  But rehabilitation CAN happen.  God is the great restorer.
I’m so blessed by your support of Amazima.  Thank you for walking this journey with me.  Please tell everyone who pitched in thanks from me. 
Love and Blessings,    
Katie Davis

Need I say more? You guys are awesome! I also plan to make another quilt, a Christmas quilt, to raffle off for another charity this fall. The charity will be 318 Partners. This group helps defectors from North Korea and also helps rescue people from North Korea. 

Blessings to everyone! 

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