Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Country Life: 10 things

So besides having colds....we are all doing well. Colds always seem to be harder for me and therefore I have been not blogging, but rather taking hot baths and going to bed early. Today I got a wonderful steroid shot in the bootie and I seem to feel better. So I walked around with little Rosie and snapped some pictures. Today was a summery-type day. It was hot and humid! So I will start with my list of what goes on in the country here:

1. The cicadas are back! This is the 13 year cycle and they are loud and everywhere. We found this little guy and snapped his picture before letting him go. Here's a fact: They eat these in the Congo. I point this out because my dear nephew Logan is headed to that area in Africa this summer for a 2 year stint as a missionary. Yum, yum Logan!!!! :-)

2. Although this picture is not the best, it is one of my Tulip Poplar Trees. Folks, if you live here then this is most likely where the bees get their nectar for your local honey. Love on these trees, hug them They are valuable. Note the yellow blossoms...

3. The peach trees are looking good so far! I have spent hours thinning them and was quite pleased that they were not eaten up by little caterpillars. My plums and apples were.......
4. These little toads are EVERYWHERE!!! Today the girls each brought a dozen or so to the house and we released them closer to the house. Hopefully they found cover before and hens took notice! These guys are sure cute.

5. We bought a HUGE mailbox! In fact Rose and Zeb thought it was a play house. I am sure the neighbors up the road will hate this box but I am tired of running to pick up small parcels at the post office. I would say the mail carrier can fit most anything in this box.

6. Fletcher loves the dogs and his sisters. I do not like the dogs on my quilts, but since they are sweet enough to let the baby chew and pull on them I will let it slide:-) Note that the dogs don't look very happy. They know they are the lowly dog and must put up with baby pulling...or else they live a hard life outside. Good doggies!

7. Cicadas are back! Yes, I know I already said this but look at this guy!!!! He was molting when the girls brought him in....ewwww. I watched him emerge and we took him back out. Yum, yum Logan!!!!! Maybe I can mail you some ketchup, yeah...bet they are better dipped in ketchup!

8. On down the property the little girls have built a fort with scraps they find. Cool. I would say this is the best type of play for a kid and nothing beats fresh air and imagination!

9. Privet and honeysuckle are blooming everywhere right now. The combination of hot, humid temperatures and the blooms from these plants means a sweet smelling air! There is nothing sweeter than this folks!

 (Okay, for some it means allergies!....haha. You really need to find some local honey!)

10. Cicadas shells are fun to gather, at least Rose thought so. I actually like this picture because I LOVE those curls around her face. She did not get that from me. My hair is straight and flat. I would say that if I looked as cute as her I would run around in a swimsuit collecting cicada shells all day too.

Tomorrow I WILL FEEL BETTER!!!!!! I have a couple bee keeping pictures to share.....you don't want to miss that, right?

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