Monday, August 15, 2011

Believe the Unbelievable

We woke this morning to cooler weather and exhaustion. Cooler as in it got down to 65 last night and exhaustion as in we had a very busy weekend.

 We celebrated Zebulun turning three years old. It was a family party, as all of our parties are, but they are also the funnest and the most low key.
 Indiana decided that these dirt/worm cups would be the perfect dessert instead of a traditional cake. I let her make them and Zeb loved them!
 Un-wrapping gifts is a new experience for Zeb since he is so young. Let me say that it took a LONG time to get the gifts opened:-)
 As with all the birthdays around here, there were several gifts made up by siblings. How sweet that the girls wrap up their own toys to give another sibling. Here Indiana gave Zeb a stuffed frog and her favorite sleeping t-shirt as well as a light saber.
 We splurged and got Zeb a jeep to drive around the yard. After only a few crashes he got the idea of how to steer and go forward and reverse.
He had lots of help out there while learning.

When we were completing all of the millions of requirements for adoption through DFCS, we had to put those safety latches on all of the cabinets. See how well they work? Fletcher has discovered the kitchen cabinets and also how to open them, despite the efforts to stop him. Way to go DFCS with your regulations to keep kids safe!!!! :-)

 You can't tell by this picture but Fletcher has been a pill these last 2 days. P.I.L.L!
I blame some top teeth coming in, but who really knows? I know that his bath was one of the very few times today that he did not fuss, so baths were extra long tonight. Of course we have been swimming so much that I sort of figured an after dinner swim was equal to a bath. Right? Well, they got REAL baths tonight:-) This baby has learned to stand up and turn the water on, the cold water. It makes him very happy.

Something that makes me happy, besides 20 minutes of NO crying baby, is a new dress. This one from ModCloth I really love. Comfy? Yes. Vintage? No, but it's made to make one think it is vintage. Check them out if you are in a Leave it to Beaver fashion mood, you won't be disappointed. **High heels are not required!**

Is it just me or does everyone get a crinkly forehead at this age? Yes, I am raising my eyebrows, but sheesh..... I must find better pictures to snap during bathtime.


It's so easy sometimes to forget how much fun it is to dream or to imagine what's out there in the big world. Sure it's stressful at times and there are days when I have to almost crawl to bed from exhaustion. Then there are days like today when a little one brings in this yellow feather that they found on a  walk outside. I know that it is from most likely a yellow finch. I even explain that it's from such a bird, BUT the little girls have a different theory. They believe it came from a parrot. They have a theory about the parrot that lives in the woods here in Georgia, and so a parrot feather it will be. I am a little envious, secretly. There are days I would love to concoct my own story about something magical and mysterious. Maybe  the dogs are REALLY barking at a unicorn that lives across the creek. She's an old, wise unicorn and knows the secrets of our forest. She's also friends with the yellow and green parrot who watches over the buried treasures of the forest. Ahh.....sometimes we should still believe the unbelievable.

Here's hoping your week is FULL of unbelievable stories:-)


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