Thursday, August 25, 2011

Screaming Fits

It has been one of those weeks, and yes I realize we still have another day left !
We start school in 10 days and I have tons to get done around the house. I haven't even written out any "plans" for my two big girls so that they have syllabus to follow. I have  a lot to do still.

I also have a deep freezer to defrost and clean thanks to my toddler boy who dumped melted ice cream all over the inside. I can't even describe the mess in that freezer. (sigh)

The real kicker around here though is this guy...

 He has been running a low fever and cries, oh how he cries. I feel two top teeth pushing through...poor guy. poor me as legs ache from holding him and carrying him so much. If I set him down he will cry and scream. If I pick him up....

 He pops that finger in his mouth and chews.
 What did I say? Teething some ferocious teeth!
 Again, I put him down so I could peel some carrots and give my hip a break....

 He rubs his eyes......

 Wait for it..............
He's down. He has learned to throw a fit this week. Screaming fit, no less!

Gosh, what do I do when I ache all over and function on less than 4 hours of sleep a night? What do I do when there are projects and chores all over begging to get done and I have the school start date looming over my head. How will I get ANYTHING done when I am having difficulty just getting a good meal on the table? Oh, I have been here before. With 7 kids I have had my share of bad baby teething, throwing a fit, nothing will help but constant nursing days. Here's how I do it:

Do what's next. That's it. I Just do the next thing that MUST get done. Tonight it was dinner.
 Homemade chicken noodle soup. It was delicious too. So there is my advice for the weekend...especially to myself. This sweet baby will not be fussy and needy forever, so in the meantime everything gets put to the side until they MUST be done. Now that the night is here and teeth have been brushed, there will be bedtimes and then I have a date with Tom Selleck. Okay, I really have a movie with him in it and I intend to watch it tonight and give my body a break from lugging around my baby samurai for a bit.
Ibuprofen for my legs and hips....CHECK!
Soft couch with pillows....CHECK!
Redbox rental with Tom Selleck......CHECK!
Icecream with cherries and chocolate..........DOUBLE CHECK!

If I am not back before the weekend....enjoy yours! I will see you next week with happy pictures of my baby and his new teeth!!!


  1. I hope your ice cream has extra cherries tonight!

  2. You know....I had a double for sure and I plan to do it again tonight!!!!!


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