Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hillbilly Country Club

Welcome to the grand opening of the Hillbilly Country Club where the new swimming hole is the featured amenity for the remainder of this very hot, southern summer!

 The water is crystal clear and warmed up by the sun! There are beach balls to play with! There would be balls like the one pictured, however the bulldogs found it fun for playing!
 There is lots of room to play with friends and family!
 There is also a pituresque view of the flowers blooming in the expertly groomed gardens nearby!
 The pool is also strategically placed within full view of the outdoor movie screen! A new deck will be built just in time for next season as well! Please also take notice of the environmentally friendly towel dryer, aka the deck rail. We don't miss ANY details, do we?
Your children will love you forever for allowing all day play in the cool water while the unfortunate government school counterparts are working away all day at a desk.
 "Thanks mom and dad, you're the BEST!"
 "I am so lucky to have such great parents!"
 "I think I might chill here all day until a movie starts!"
We even have helpful, seasoned swimmers to assist your 3 year old with his swimming technique!

 Do you need a comfy chair to relax in? Well, we have that too!
 Sit down and relax!
If you get sleepy, we have a nice soft bed inside waiting for you!

 The pool is opened all day and into the night! Dad's have been known to take a dip after rigorous weight lifting sessions. Head on out here to the 30 acre farm and see what fun we have and please...enjoy these last few weeks of summer!

******WARNING: Membership into the Hillbilly Country Club will most likely result in loss of productivity and chores. You will most likely swim all day with breaks for meal preparations only. We are NOT responsible for such laziness, but rest assured that your children will love you for it!*******

******Warning #2. We are not responsible for what wild antics the full moon will cause this weekend either, but we hope it's great fun!*******


  1. OMGoodness,,you kids are having fun,,,and raising childred too !!!! ha
    I'm suppose to select a profile,,,Sami,,,its me,,Ann

  2. How do I book a reservation at the Hillbilly Country Club? It seems like the perfect summer getaway.

  3. Hi from Janna (aka "Lisa's Sister") - Wow, you have an excellent blog and pictures!! Have you ever created a scrapbook from your blog? A friend of mine used a website that does it automatically. Keep up the amazing work!


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