Sunday, August 21, 2011


Grounded, as in I really, really need to get this place and my bootie organized. Seriously! We start school in 2 weeks and once that begins all bets are off!

Yep, we have been in the pool. We have also been lounging beside the pool.

 Okay, it's not fancy but it holds everyone until we have a deck next year. The hens are hanging around for one reason and it's not because they love us so much.
 We have a few snacks to munch on between swim sessions.
 Some among us are intensely reading school books already (yay!).
 Others are trying to soak in extra sun and sleep. (Wish that were me!)
Some of us are just plain weird.

Speaking of weird, I cleaned up my bee hive equipment and in the process came across some stored hive bodies that were housing some wax moths. That's NEVER a good thing.
 I will have to burn and destroy the frames, but I decided to first lay them out near the burning barrel so the hens could feast on larva and moths. The bees got to rob the frames of what honey was left.
 The bees cleaned off the frames of honey in a couple of hours.
 This is wax moth webbing and waste and larva.........NASTY!
The hens had a great, protein enriched meal.

Finally, today we had a day at home so I could catch up on laundry. I plan to spend this week sewing and catching up on unfinished projects. I cannot sew in a house with laundry piled up everywhere. It's a crazy personality trait I have. At any rate, my laundry is caught up, or as caught up as it will ever be with 7 children.

Fletcher was a fussy baby today, I blame his teeth. There was one person who made the boy happy though....

Grandma played with him out on the front porch this evening and he was soooo happy. She also held him for me so i could try and snap a few shots of my hummingbirds. The birds are very difficult to snap a good shot of but it was a fun challenge! I will leave you with those pictures and wish you a fun and happy week! Enjoy these last few days of summer!

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