Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Still Summer, Ya'll!

It's still 100 degrees and it's still not too late for a pool. Well, that's what we are doing today. Devin worked lots of extra shifts and decided to wait on his garage foundation and get a family gift instead.
 Zelda dug a cool nest from the top soil that was dug up and piled up in the back yard.
This little boy will be 3 tomorrow but his party will be next weekend. We are all excited to have a pool party for him!

The heat had everyone a wee bit cranky this week so we took the opportunity to drop everything at 8:30 in the morning and head out with a packed lunch.
 Sometimes a change of view is a good thing!
 The kids can play and do stuff different from what we have at home.
 This guy is happy to be just about anywhere and loved watching the kids play.
 Have I ever mentioned that it's a good idea to wear this kid out?

It was pretty hot out , even that early, but we managed to sit at a table in the shade. Water and a cold sandwich helped and we were home by 11am. It wore the boys out and they took naps when we got home.
It fixed the cranky attitudes for sure!

Okay, it actually took a bunch a couple of these to totally cheer my attitude up. What ever works, right?

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