Monday, August 1, 2011

It All Comes Back Around

I am without my 2 teenagers for a whole  week! I remember the days way back when I would keep 5 children in tow everywhere I went such as the grocery store, the bank, etc. Those days are almost a foggy memory since my 2 girls became my best babysitters. Oh well, if I did it once I can do it again, even with my boy.
 *Zeb loves to hold every animal on this property*
 *Watching his daddy cut a dead tree down was super-duper-cool. The kid LOVES power tools*
 The first 5 children , who were all girls, were always pretty easy to take places.I could pack a bag with books and snacks and they would politely read and snack and act civilized in places as mundane as the dentist office. In fact, I remember one time, before I had boys, sitting in the waiting room of a dentist office and across from me were two ladies (they were friends) with their children. They had 3 little boys between them and I remember 2 of the boys would squirm and throw fits and jump around and yell...basically act out. Yeah, I pretty much thought those two women couldn't control those boys very well. Ha-ha. It all comes back around, I tell you.
*Zeb can make a "gun" from anything. He was very proud of this big one to shoot birds.*

Yep, you know what I am about to say, right? This boy of mine doesn't sit still and loves to throw things. He acts BEST when I take him out by himself. If he is with any of the other little ones, he acts like a beast. I apologize now for all of you women whom I unfairly judged. I am being paid back:-)
Although we did venture out Saturday as a family and eat at the Cracker Barrel for an early dinner, and the boy was angelic well behaved, along with all of the remaining siblings. Progress is being made!


We kicked off the weekend with a family movie night and watched Rango. It was cuter than I thought it would be. It was an extra special night because a friend from waaaay  back in high school came up from Atlanta to visit! She even brought her new little baby.
 *Rose LOVES babies and especially loved this little sweetie*

We were so glad too have them here for a visit. She brought her son too, but he was off playing with my two kids the entire time...I think I saw them once:-)


Do you know what else comes back around? Styles and trends. We decided to craft a little this weekend to can you say "Hello 80's?"
I  ventured out with my 5 little ones to buy some barrettes and ribbon and buttons.

 You remember these, right?

 I always wanted some of these, back in the day. My mom wouldn't buy them and there was no internet to look up a tutorial at the time. In fact, I am not sure there was even a "super store" back then to buy the supplies. Well, I can now make my own! I am sure they will not look as cute on me as they do my children. That's OK.
It's a fun craft and your children can give it a whirl. I want to make some with holiday themed colors. You can look at the tutorial on Wee Folk Art.

It was a hot and sticky and humid weekend. I am sure the week will be the same. I have a few friends who started school today.....YIKES! I am not starting until after Labor day. What's the rush? It's still summer, even with hot, humid weather! There are watermelons to be eaten and sprinklers to be run through. There are still tons of lightening bugs to catch! I dread the passing of summer into fall. Of course, I might REALLY be dreading the fact that I must get my school books and house in order too:-) You know the saying that the days are long but the years are short? Those are my feelings. Some days seem to drag out and by bedtime I am exhausted, but it is amazing how quickly the seasons and years pass by.  Here's wishing for a long, long summer with lots more watermelon in it!

Have a peaceful week!

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