Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Day

This week is packed full with stuff! Yesterday was spent at the orthodonist so Quinn could get new wires and poor Journee could get a few braces BACK on! Having her wisdom teeth extracted caused her back teeth to shift slightly so she has a few braces on for 3 weeks. The shift was hardly noticeable but our doc is a perfectionist.

Today we start a new Algebra 1 program for Journee. Though we use Math U See for math, it is not a good Algebra 1 program. There are not nearly enough practice problems and the dvd lessons are not very good...so....
We are switching to Dive Into Math which also uses Saxon. I watched the intro and lesson one last night and it looks great. Journee is thrilled:-)

My other project is the never-ending laundry. Today I plan to get it all done and put away. Everyone has goals to reach, right? At any rate, I am thankful for high efficiency machines and many hands for folding it all.

This here is another project happening here. I had a huge cork board area here that was actually cork tiles glued to the wall, except they did not stick well. We tore it all down ans spackled the damage. Devin will sand and paint then hang a dry erase board and a cork board. We are an ever evolving organizational crew here.

Speaking of which I have a chore chart! Wahoo! The girls have their chores for the week and every Friday
I will turn the inside plate and they will get a new set for a week. I think the girls enjoy the change and I enjoy the hassle free help. They all still must tidy their rooms and make their beds.
Indiana started guitar lessons last week and loved it! I was curious as to how a teacher actually teaches the guitar and was happy to listen in on her private instruction. Her instructor was really nice and patient, and Indiana liked him. It's great to learn new things!

So there is quite a bit going on, but no more than usual I guess. Days like this require patience and an easy meal. I have chili on the stove and bread dough in the fridge. Devin is FINALLY off a day from work tomorrow, of course he has meetings to attend. I am glad he will be home tomorrow night as they are predicting some snow??? Again????

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