Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Road Trip

There's nothing like planning a trip across states to visit family. I have 7 kiddos plus myself to pack for...and 2 are in diapers. I also have piles of blankets and pillows and stuffed animals.
Tomorrow we head out to visit my sister, although Devin gets to stay home and take care of the billions of critters here. This will be a short trip and we will be back early next week.
It's amazing how much laundry I must do in order for us to have enough clothes to take. But we are almost ready to pack the van up..the cooler is in back already. Yes, I pack a massive cooler with drinks and food. A trip through a McDonalds costs me about $ we pack a cooler which actually is nicer, besides being cheaper. It is the supply of soda and tootsie roll pops that gets me through.

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