Monday, January 9, 2012


Santa doesn't bring pets. At least that is what the rule was until about 2 years ago when he brought Indiana a dumbo rat.
Santa doesn't bring BIG pets. At least until this past Christmas when he brought Bumpit.

Well, Santa happens to be a huge lover all things animal, so he found Bumpit and gave her to Quinn.

 Bumpit was living at the County Animal Shelter, had been there for a few months. Her litter mates had long since been adopted, but nobody wanted Bumpit....yet.
 We suspect it was the fact that she had only one eye (no eye developed in utero) that perhaps grossed people out.

 I kind of think she's winking at me:-) We were drawn to her immediately because she was very fluffy and sweet. She was also spayed and micro-chipped and ready to go!
 She is now the resident quilt tester. When I finish quilt tops, she rolls around on them and tests them out.

She also has a favorite afghan on the back of the sofa where she really enjoys naps.

 The younger girls love her as well and Willow made a tiny sculpture of Bumpit yesterday with sculpey clay.
The staff at the Humane Society shelter were super nice and we wanted to let them know that Bumpit is doing great and has blended in with the family well. She is an indoor kitty, so she is extra spoiled. The farm has gained yet another critter thanks to Santa. If your Santa did not bring you a pet but you are interested in adopting a fabulous critter like Bumpit, call your local shelter. If you are in the Chattanooga area, you can find Bumpit's friends and caretakers HERE!  There are hundreds of fantastic pets waiting for a home!

In case you wondered.....Santa does NOT bring milking cows:-)

Wednesday we are all business with organizing, de-cluttering and menu planning for a large family!

Have a rockin' week!


  1. No cows?.... but you want a cow.. you need a cow! :).. but I am totally groove on the new kitty!

  2. Santa brings Jersey Cows if he knows what's good for him....... :)

  3. Oh I am hoping Santa ignores the no cow rule too and brings me a nice Jersey!!!!! :-)

  4. Hi Samantha! I love your Blog! I'm so happy Quinn loves Bumpit as much as you thought she would and we here at HES Do! What a delightful blog! You have made my day! Thank you so much! I can't wait to share with the HES Staff and volunteers that care so much for our animals. Please take care and thank you for adopting! Jeanine, HES Volunteer Manager

  5. Jeanine, we love Bumpit so much and have thought about you all and all of the care you put into the animals! Thank you so much! Is the dog Monkey still there for adoption?

  6. She is beautiful. I would have fallen in love with her too. We are animal lovers around here and if we weren't in the city limits, we would be a mini farm too. We are city folk with country folk heart. =)

  7. Hello Samantha, your Blog is wonderful, you have a amazing family:)

    Greetings from Switzerland


  8. Orianna, Thank you so much! I imagine you are enjoying some snow this week? I prefer the warmer weather here.
    Greetings from Georgia!


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