Wednesday, January 4, 2012

He's a Fox

Guess who is living on the farm now?

I finished the fox from my new book! He was not too difficult and we really like him.

 He ventured outside this afternoon to see if the hens wanted to play. The hens can be a bit "click-ish" so it will take time for him to find his niche amongst the birds, besides there are many tales about the sly fox trying to get the goose, or hen. Therefore they might be a bit shy of him.
For that reason, I went to another thrift store and bought more wool sweaters for a steal (.50 each) and they are felting in the wash machine now. I am now crafting a bunny family for fox. I hope to finish sometime Friday.

Now for the not so exciting fun part of my day, aka reality!
This house of mine is a decent size and we should have ample room for the "stuff" that gathers. I actually think after assessing some of our "collection" areas that I just need to purge and organize. Each week I plan to work on one room or area. I decided just this very moment as I was walking out my room and upstairs to the computer that I would clean out this space first.

This happens to be a little closet off my kitchen where I keep light bulbs, table linens, diapers, cleaners and everything else that I gather from other areas and do not know where to put it. Well, this week I tackle it and it will be purged and organized. My plan is to have the entire house done by March 1st.......I am feeling ambitious today:-)

Hey, I have this little guy here to help, right?

Hope your mid-week is groovy!


  1. Wow, your kids have a fantastic life, and I think, you are a great mom:-)

    Greetings from Switzerland


  2. Orianne,

    Thank you very much! I love having these kids at home with me. Your blog had some fantastic gymnastic photos. I wish I knew the language:-(


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