Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts

Although Valentine's Day has never been a very big deal over here, I found myself one day drooling over all of the lovely projects on the web.
Before I show you the latest ones I crafted I will admit that I made one for myself as well as others.

It was a make one for her, make one for myself kind of craftiness:-)

 First up is the Valentine Hand Warmer. I found inspiration for this project from Wild Olive
 You need to make a set of two. Fill them with rice and lavender. Heat them for 20 seconds in the microwave. Throw them in your coat pockets and keep those hands toasty for about 20 minutes.
I used a super soft flannel.

 Next up is the Tea Wallet. I really loved these when I saw them on Handmade Therapy.

I was able to make 4 wallets from 2 fat quarters. I really, really enjoyed making these too. They were super easy. Go check out the tutorial.


Now that spring weather has shown itself I must tend to some honey bees tomorrow. It will be 65 and sunny! Of course cold weather is sure to come back, so one must take full advantage when it is nice.
Tomorrow I will place pollen patties on my hives to help trick the queen into thinking it's time to start laying eggs again like crazy. I want an early build up of brood this spring.

Of course after tomorrow's chores who knows what other goodies I might find to sew.

What will you be crafting for Valentine's Day?

Have a terrific Monday!


  1. And I'm so glad you did pin them! What a sweet gift to make!

    1. I actually enjoyed making them and I know all of the recipients will love them too!

  2. Fantastic! I nearly made mine heart shaped, so it makes me happy to see yours. And the flannel is so pretty!

    1. Cross stitch is not my most favorite thing so I took the easy way out with the heart shape. I splurged on nice flannel to make up for it:-) Thanks for the idea!

  3. I love the fabrics you picked for the tea wallets! Thanks for the tutorial link :)

    1. I loved picking out the fabric and I am almost as excited to grab some new tea to stuff in them! Your tutorial was fantastic! Thanks!

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  5. hey Sam, this is awesome handmade gifts for valentine day, we can also give or send a flower bouquet to our special person, that will be big surprise for them, isn't it?

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