Friday, January 20, 2012


Where did the week go?

 First off we had a busy school week. Journee had a chemistry experiment too, which always excites the younger set. The younger set studied Massachusets and made a Boston Creme Pie from scratch and that excites the whole family!
 My mouse family is finished. They explored a little bit outside before the rain came falling.
Ghost, who usually shows no mercy to little critters such as these, decided they were friendly enough and is allowing them a free pass.

 Besides, he had a full breakfast already. The mole he caught and ate was quite filling.
Now it is time to explore, or find a comfy spot to nap.

We also got a new desk for the family computer, which meant I had to pile everything up in boxes so we could put the new desk together. Bump It enjoyed lounging around in all of the chaos. I am happy to say that the desk is up and my junk is ALMOST all organized.

 I lack two blocks to complete my Birdie Stitches and then I will be off to the quilt store to buy fabric for sashing and borders. Wonderful!
 I am also organizing a home school bee keeping class. Okay, the idea is in my head and now I just need to get it on paper. In February I will be loading up my oldest child and a few farm critters for the local pre- school "Farm Day." It's an annual event and we are always happy to oblige.
I also pulled out a crochet hook and started me some fingerless gloves. Awesome. Now I just need to make some flowers to attach on there. It was a beginner's project, but I am a beginner. I love You Tube! Thank you to all of you crafters who spend the time to make tutorials.

So it was a busy week with a full weekend ahead, despite the rain and cold breezes. First though we have kabobs for the grill and baked potatoes in the oven. Tonight is a celebration. A celebration of nothing in particular, just a celebration of everyone being home because this mamma loves a good celebration...even if she must make one up! Why not make a party every Friday night?

What do you celebrate?

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