Friday, January 27, 2012

My Opinion Friday: The Really Bad Birthday Idea

It's a new blog post idea. I am very opinionated, despite the fact I mostly discuss only crafts, quilting, kids, and home school. Risking a little backlash is fine if it offers a little perspective, really.
***That's alot of money in teeth if our fairy whipped out $20 a tooth!***

There are many times when I have said to myself (or out loud to Devin) , "Those people really need to have more than a couple of kids."
Example: the mother who gives her little ones $20 from the "tooth Fairy" for one tooth. Really? That's a bad habit to start. Am I the only one who still thinks $1 is more than enough?

Enter the "Half Birthday."
Have you heard of this because it was a new concept for me? I actually had to look it up and do a little research. Lo' and behold there is such a holiday, a phenomena, known as the Half Birthday.
***Willow LOVES a summer birthday best because it means SWIMMING!!***

As we all know, some kids have summer birthdays and others have fall, spring or winter birthdays. Well, If you are a child with a birthday during the school year you get to bring in some treats to share and be the "birthday kid" for the day. That's fine. What kid doesn't like a party?

Enter the parent who wants her kid to get equal treatment. It IS unfair for the kid with a summer birthday, right? That kid doesn't get the same treatment, right? Well, we now offer the "Half Birthday."
***Sorry, Journee. Your Stocking is the smallest in the family. You will survive!***

Yep, you guessed it. It is a day for all of those poor kiddos with summer birthdays to bring in their class room treats and get the same special treatment as everyone else. It's like the students formed a Union Organization to demand special and equal rights.

It's even happening amongst mothers of babies. The 6 month birthday! Themes have been created for the parties as well. 6 balloons, 6 candles, everything to mark 6 months! I agree 6 months is a celebratory mark in a child's first year, but how about snapping a picture of your baby and putting it in a baby book?
**Zeb at 6 months. Sorry kid, you must wait 6 more months for a party!**

Doesn't a half birthday take away from the importance of the REAL birthday?

I shutter to think about these kids later in life as adults. Why do parents and teachers think it is wise to keep everything "fair" and "equal" for children when in fact things are NOT that way in real life?

It's not just the birthday party affair, but also in sports and any trivial little school day competition.  First, Second, and Third place winners have been replaced with "every one's a winner!"

This is, of course, when I say, " Those people need more kids." One true fact about a large family is that kids quickly learn the simple fact that life is not fair.


Monday we talk Valentine's Day and how you can make a kazillion gifts for everyone you know so that they all feel included:-)

Have an AWESOME weekend!

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  1. I agree on all points. These half people and fair people obviously lack a miriade of character qualities.

    1. Yes, and we build character through trials, right?

  2. The one that gets me is when it's one child's birthday, but you are asked to bring gifts for the siblings too, "so nobody feels left out." Birthdays are special and should absolutely remain that way.

    1. Please tell me you are kidding???? Goody bags are designed to keep anyone from feeling totally jilted, although even those should be optional!

  3. 20 bucks a tooth??????.. nope,, $1 and usually that is handed over with a bit of a chagrin when the "toothfairy" messed up and fell asleep and forgot to pay up! ( mom fail)...oh hold on.. I might be guilty.. I did once pay a child to wiggle out a tooth so we could avoid a trip to the dentist.. paid them $5 to avoid $125 extraction... {eek!}

    1. Hmmm.. ironically our Tooth fairy forgot a tooth last night. I insisted it was because she was needing a pretty drawing to go with the tooth. Hopefully she will show up tonight!

  4. great points Sam! My sons birthday is in April so he has the opportunity to invite his friends from school to his party. Ashley was born in June, so they are out of school. My solution last year was, we had Ashley a "friend" party in May right before school got out. Then on her actual birthday, shich also happened to be Father's Day, we had a big family get together and cooked out and celebrated both. She loved it!

    1. Your Father's Day get together sounds like a total blast! I love those kinds of parties!

  5. That is an awful picture of me!
    But great blogpost Mom. :)

  6. I'm with you, Sam:
    $1 per tooth
    Only actual birthdays celebrated here
    Prizes/awards/recognition for those who excel

    I once overheard one parent complaining to another about how awful it was that at the end of cheerleading tryouts, they called all those who made the team up front and then announced that they had made it. The parent was complaining that it made her child feel bad to not have her name called. Hello? It was a competitive cheer team they were trying out for! How about a round of applause for all those that had the talent and skill to make the team? Can't we teach our children to recognize others for a job well done?
    So yeah, you're preaching to the choir, girlfriend!!!

    1. Oh my goodness! I feel bad for her daughter...she will have a tough time in life!

  7. Competition is good in life, it lets you know what you're actually good at, children should learn what they are truly talented at.

  8. I am late to comment, but loved this post! Half birthdays!!!!! If my children brought such an idea to me I would simply lay down and roll on the floor laughing, stand up and walk away as though it was never said. :D

    As for 20 dollars a tooth... here is my lesson learned. With my very first daughter, she fell quite dramatically and smashed her front tooth out at almost three years old. She fractured her jaw and it was really the first time anything bad had happened to any of my children. So, and I blame some hormones here, being 37 weeks pregnant, I helped her put her tooth under her pillow, and the very emotional tooth fairy gave her five dollars.

    Well, her slightly older friend lost his first tooth a day later and came over clutching a shiny quarter. My daughter was very put out she had a piece of paper, and he received a shiny coin! So they swapped! He left with the five dollar bill, and she very happily put the quarter in her piggy bank...

    Needless to say, the tooth fairy now gives quarters.

    1. mama dragon,
      That tooth story cracks me up!


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