Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have nothing of significant importance to write about this evening, as if I ever really do. I think the week has so far really been a beater on me, and I have an empty camera to prove it!

School has been going well, although it has taken a significant more amount of time to complete each day. Couple that with laundry, groceries and meals and you have no more free time left. Okay, I lie. It's a little white lie.

I managed to find time to work on block ten on my Birdie Stitch Quilt and I have a new mouse family almost finished. These small hand work projects are simple to do while kids are computing their fractions and writing down their copy work.

Today was especially unmotivating with the extreme cold weather and brutal winds. I realize that 38 degrees and 20 mph winds are making some of ya'll laugh, but this Georgia girl prefers 78 degrees and gentle breezes.

The dandelions are still blooming some and that is food for my bees, when they can fly out. It also has me planning this year's garden and the seeds are on order.

*Last year's seedlings started indoors*

On the subject of multitasking, there will be some new changes coming soon to include a link to all of my recipes. The recipes I use all of the time to feed my large crew. The recipes that I manage to fit into my budget monthly. 

To a completely different topic.

One of my closest friends and I once discussed the "me" mentality in today's culture. It's everywhere, even in commercials. "You Deserve...." or "It's All About Me....." blah, blah, blah. We were shocked at how many mothers around would state,"I would home school but I need "me" time!"
I don't dispute that everyone needs a little time to themselves, especially mothers who care for their kids 24/7. In fact I have a standing monthly lunch at the quilt store. It's a day that I can be with adults who love quilts as much as I do. How much "me" time does a person really need, though? Why have kids if you must have all this "me" time? Having children is not about "me" it's about someone else. It's about putting that other person before your own needs. 
Well, I was shocked not all that shocked to find out that my father in law pointed out to Devin last month that Devin's brother actually "has time for his hobbies (he's a blacksmith on the side) because he doesn't have a bunch of kids. " 
It looks like the "me" culture has creeped itself in through the extended family. Another example of how the enemy will try its best to keep us in a self fulfilled, self absorbed state of mind. You have to keep the armor on.

Enough of my nothing!

Friday I will introduce the country mice!!!!

Tell me, how do you carve out a little time to reboot?


  1. I Soooooooooo agree about the "me time". I have a 6yr old,4yr old and 17 mo old and are starting the process to update our Homestudy to adopt another . My DH and I talk about this all the time. We don't have much time for "we time" let alone "me time". My SIL asked once when do i ever get a break..I answered via text message "when the kids are sleeping."

    We also home school and our 6 yr old has exhaustive special needs. however i don't think I would have someone else watch them all that much even if it was possible.

    I agree. Your kids are your life. Or at least their needs are. I am so Blessed to have these 3 beautiful children and hopefully more. I want to enjoy every second. Yes I work as an RN 3 days a month....that is enough "me time" for me.LOL..

    Glad I am not the only one who feels this way!

    1. You do sound like a very busy mamma! It amazes me though how much can be done in a day! Are you all adopting domestically or intercountry? We still wait, and wait, and wait. I am happy that you left a comment! I love to "meet" other who are adopting!


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