Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Happy Dance

Oh my it has been a week! It was freezing cold, but today it was sunny and 63!

 It was a perfect afternoon to shed the heavy winter clothes and run outside for some good old fashion vitamin D!
                                                 *Hello, wrinkles! Where did ya'll come from?*
 Fletcher, like most of his siblings, loves it outside and thought the slide was a ton of fun.
 Three of the barefooters decided that playing in a the dirt pile was more fun. More dirt=more fun, especially barefoot!

The nice weather always makes you feel better and it gives you a sense of relief, like you are almost over that hump of dreary winter days. The sun makes you feel more productive, more ambitious...even if it's just enough ambition  to get off the couch and outside.
The dandelions are actually blooming some and that is great news for my honey bees, which are somewhat struggling despite the mild weather. I lost a hive to CCD and a few others to who knows what. Bee keeping is becoming difficult with all of the pests that invade and the chemicals that poison.

 But today was a day to forget about the struggles and just enjoy the moment.
 Have you ever felt like flying?
 Even the animals were out playing, pouncing, chasing and having fun.
Of course I was productive earlier this week. I assisted my new sewing girl make an apron.

Okay, so it was an apron kit from Halloween, but she made it and loves it and it fits her one of a kind personality.
Remember that closet I wanted to organize?
 DONE! I actually had a garbage sack full of trash in there and few items that needed to be stored in the basement. Next week I will tackle another space. I figure that it is possible to get the house done by March....
Of course, keeping it all neat and tidy is another issue all together with the little helper I have walking around:-)

Mr. Fox has some new friends too!
The Bunny family is finished and they all enjoyed the nice weather today too!

I introduced him to the family and I do believe they will all get along just fine.

Now what to make? Some mice? A swan? Maybe a couple of hedgehogs? I will have to consult my younger group of children and see what they think.

 I hope you are enjoying your week, wherever you are, and that you get a chance like we did to venture out and soak up some sunshine.
 This weekend is full of promise that we can relax, play, and maybe even start another crafty project. Lots in store. Monday I will introduce ya'll to Bumpit!
Have a fantastic, awesome weekend!

Phone dump!

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